How would you like to be able to play your favorite video games for extended periods of time without worrying about long-term eye damage? A pair of gaming glasses lets you do exactly that. Today, the Gunnar Vertex Gaming Glasses is down to just $37.99 from its original price of $49.99 on Amazon.

Gaming Glasses

Gunnar’s patented lens technology is scientifically proven to reduce harmful blue light for enhanced vision. This works regardless of whether you’re in front of a PC, laptop, tablet, TV or smartphone. Wearing the gaming glasses means you can say goodbye to headaches and eye strain.

Aside from reduced eye strain you get minimized glare and less instances of dry eyes. Gunnar’s offering also lets you sleep better at night.

The ergonomics on the Gunnar Vertex is amazing. Panoramic viewing is unlocked, and you’ll be able to wear your gaming headphones without the glasses getting in the way.

Buy the Gunnar Vertex Gaming Glasses at 24% off today!


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