A discounted Apple AirPods is always worthy of an Apple enthusiast’s attention. Today, you can get the 2nd generation Apple AirPods for just $99.99, which is down $30 from its original price of $130 on Amazon.

Apple AirPods

The second generation AirPods’ greatest strength is its simplicity of use- you can skip several parts, such as having to call up the Bluetooth menu or pause when you want to hear the environment by taking the AirPods out of the case and your ear, respectively.

Like any respectable earbuds you can call up your voice assistant and access iPhone functions without having to bring the device out. Apple’s H1 chip is the engine that powers the connection and sound and delivers on a consistent basis. Last but not least, a single full charge delivers up to 5 hours’ worth of playback, and 24-plus hours with the included charging case.

Get the 2nd gen AirPods for only $99.99 today!


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