Enjoy $80 Off and Get a Back, Neck and Eye-Friendly Electric Standing Desk


Standing desks give you the option of working for longer without compromising your back, neck or eyes. Today, the Mr IRONSTONE 53 inch Electric Standing Desk is down to just $189.99 from its original price of $270 on Amazon.

Neck and Eye-Friendly Electric Standing Desk

It’s easy to forget you’re working at home and continue for long periods of time, but your health will invariably suffer. What you need in this case is an adjustable standing desk that can turn from sitting to standing in just a few seconds.

Mr IRONSTONE’s offering does exactly that- a motor that can change the height from 28 inches to 45 inches with the press of a key. You can also set it to your desired height via Memory Keys.

The 53×23 inches of real estate is spacious enough to accommodate all your WFH or gaming setup equipment. There’s even hooks for your headphones, a cup holder and a cable management tray as niceties. It’s the only standing desk you’ll ever need, so buy it at $80 off today!

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