Enjoy a 29% discount on the Addtam 12-outlet power strip


A power strip is practically a necessity nowadays since we rely on several devices for work, play and everything in between. Today, the Addtam 12-Outlet 3-USB Port Power Strip with 10-Foot Extension Cord is down to just $21.41 from its original price of $30 on Amazon.

Addtam 12-Outlet Power Strip

Addtam’s power strip accessory has all the features you’d want. It has four outlets set on three sides for a total of 1,875W, along with 3 high-speed USB ports for charging. Theoretically, you’ll be able to power up to 15 devices or appliances simultaneously with safety and protective features such as overload, short-circuiting, over-current and over-voltage protection.

The 10 foot extension cord is also a worthy mention. You can tap into any wall outlet and set it up with minimal hassle and clutter. The cord has a large current capacity and is thicker, and also has a braided design for maximum flexibility and durability.

Make sure to grab the 29% off Addtam Surge Protector Power Strip today!

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