Enjoy a 30% Discount on SanDisk’s Rugged and Portable 5TB External Hard Drive

An external portable hard drive can be useful in so many ways, including for work, creative and digital artists, and storing precious files in general. Today, the SanDisk Professional 5TB ArmorATD G-Drive is down to just $127.67 from its original price of $180 on Amazon.

SanDisk’s chunky external hard drive may not win awards in the sleek and stylish department, but it more than makes up for it with data capacity and environmental protection. The ‘rugged’ is true to form, with a thick bumper and professional-grade durability designed for wear and tear. The shell has a triple-layer shock resistance and is both dust-resistant and rain-resistant. Plus, it can withstand a crushing force of up to a thousand pounds.


As for connectivity, the ArmorATD has a USB-C port and is compatible with USB 3.0 technology. You can be sure your files are safe and sound when you load them to the 5TB external hard drive. Buy it today!