Enjoy a $60 discount on the high-end AirPods Max

Apple has recently released a premium headphone that provides an immersive audio experience. Today, you can buy the AirPods Max for just $489, down $60 from its original price of $549 on Amazon.

The dynamic driver that powers the AirPods Max is made by Apple to produce hi-fi audio. You can enjoy this more by activating the Active Noise Cancellation feature as you play games, listen to music or watch TV shows and movies. Outside, you can turn on Transparency Mode for interacting with people and the environment.

New Apple AirPods Max - Space Gray

Spatial audio lets you hear music and sounds as if they’re around you. Comfort is provided by memory foam cushions and a knit mesh canopy up top. The AirPods Max is powered by Apple’s H1 chip for greater listening and connectivity.

It’s destined to be your favorite pair of headphones, and today you can get an amazing $60 discount off the original price. Get the Apple AirPods Max in your preferred color today!