Enjoy greater audio dimension with the Philips Open-Back headphones, now only $84

If you’re keen on hearing a more open sound stage then an open-back pair of headphones might be better suited for you.

Today, the Philips SHP-9600 Open-Back Wired Headphones is down to just $83.49 from its original price of $120 on Amazon. Just clip the on-page coupon to see the new discounted price reflected at the checkout.

Philips Open-Back Headphones

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Wired headphones can deliver a more immersive sound experience, and it’s amplified with the Philips model. The open-back design allows greater sound dimension as compared to a traditional closed-back design.

The SHP-9600 also has 50mm drivers for clear highs, balanced mids and crisp bass. It’s super durable too, thanks to the reinforced durable steel on the band, while breathable ear cup cushions and double-layered headband cushion add to overall comfort.

An attachable boom mic can turn the headphone into a communication or gaming accessory. Last but not least, the 3-meter wire allows just enough room without being messy.

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