Enjoy Greater Wi-Fi Coverage with the Discounted TP-Link X90 Deco Mesh

Your internet speed is only as good as your wifi router, and if you’re still using old hardware then this deal might be for you. Today, the TP-Link Deco X90 Mesh System is down to just $360 from its original price of $450 on Amazon.

The 2-pack wifi 6 routers should effectively cover any home size and eliminate dead spots and low signal in your house. The X90 Mesh offers tri-band speeds of up to 6.6 Gbps and accommodates up to 200 devices- you can add your smart home accessories, TV, and gaming consoles without experiencing a bottleneck in the process.

TP-Link X90

Speedy 1.5GHz CPU handles all the load in an intelligent way so you can stream, play network-intensive games and upload or download with minimal lag, delay, or interruptions. Whole home coverage and smart antennas make the discounts TP-Link X90 Deco Mesh a must-buy. Get it for only $360 today!