Enjoy More Than Half Off on the UGREEN Magnetic Wireless iPhone Charger


Wireless charging is more convenient than wired charging as you wouldn’t need to hunt for cables. Today, you can enjoy this feature with the UGREEN Magnetic Wireless Charger for iPhone 12 and 13 for just $15.99 from its original price of $35 on Amazon.

UGREEN Magnetic Wireless iPhone Charger

UGREEN’s MagSafe charger delivers safe and efficient charging to your iPhone. It can put out a maximum 7.5W for iOS and 15W for Qi-compatible devices. The magnets are designed so you can just put the phone on top and it will charge no matter the placement.

The matte aluminum shell dissipates heat, and inside are high quality PC cover and metal plate controlled by a smart chip to protect against overcurrent, overheating, overvoltage and short circuits. Also, the charging cable is a worthy mention since it’s made from durable braided nylon and can survive daily bends up to 15,000 times.

Snap up the 55% off UGREEN Magnetic iPhone Charger for only $15.99 today!

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