Enjoy Wireless iPhone and Apple Watch Charging With The Discounted Belkin Dock is 30% Off

A wireless charging dock is both a minimalist and functional way to juice up your tech essentials without having to deal with cables or clutter. Today, you can get significant savings with the Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Dock for iPhone and Apple Watch, which is down to just $99.99 from its original price of $140 on Amazon.

Belkin’s dock houses two wireless charging ports- one for the Apple Watch and one for your iPhone at 5W and 7.5W, respectively. Convenience takes center stage here- just prop up your iPhone or Apple Watch to the corresponding port and watch as it takes charge without the need to connect a cable.

The dock supports alarm clock and nightstand mode for the Apple Watch, and an additional USB A port for a third device, such as your AirPods, the iPad and more. At 30% off, there’s no better deal for a wireless charging dock today!

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