Enjoy Your Next Movie Night with a $500 Off Short Throw Projector

Turn movie night into something memorable and special with a short throw projector. Today, the AWOL Vision Screen Projector is down to just $1,899 from its original price of $2,400 on Amazon.

Unlike older projectors, the Vision Screen has an ALR Day Light technology for viewing in bright light or daylight environment, thanks to a prism layer for receiving light from the projector while rejecting ambient elements. The short-throw screen is impressive, putting up a 120-inch display in close proximity to the wall. Vision boasts an 80% image improvement and contrast that’s 75% greater than other standard matte products.

AWOL VISION 120" UST Projector Screen

Friends and families will surely appreciate the wide-angle view and easy setup and installation. That said, the screen is a must if you don’t want to darken the room or if you want to watch outside at night. Buy the discounted AWOL Vision Short Throw Screen Projector today!