Enjoy your sound in style with the Sony EXTRA BASS Speaker, now $50 off

Do you find most Bluetooth speakers tinny and low-volume for your taste?

When your favorite tunes have to be played at max volume and full bass, try the Sony SRS-XB43 portable Bluetooth speaker. It’s down to just $198 from its original price of $249.99 on Amazon, which means you get $51.99 in savings.

EXTRA BASS Wireless Portable Speaker

Sony EXTRA BASS Speaker

X-Balanced speaker technology and a dedicated tweeter gives you higher range frequencies and high quality, powerful sound. During parties, you can turn on the speaker lights and enjoy the line light that changes hue and flash according to the beat. It’s dust-proof and rust-proof with an IP67 rating.

Built-in mic allows you to communicate hands-free. The EXTRA BASS speakers has an impressive 24 hour life and can be synced with up to a hundred speakers for the ultimate sound party. It’s available in Taupe, Red, Black or Blue.

A $50 discount on a dependable party Bluetooth speaker made by Sony is an excellent deal. Buy it today!