Epic Games pushes for last ‘FreeFortnite Cup’ on iOS

Fortnite game developer Epic Games will be holding an event called ‘#FreeFortnite Cup‘ for people to play across all platforms.

Recent news saw the game Fortnite being banned in both Google Play and App Store platforms due to Epic offering in-app payments for digital content. Apple said that the move violated App Store rules and pulled the game from the shelves.

iPhone owners who have Fortnite installed will still be able to play until Chapter 2 Season 4 launches. After that, iOS users will not be able to update. The event will be held August 23 with prizes such as Nintendo Switch, Xbox One X, OnePlus 8 mobiles, Galaxy Tab S7 tablets, Alienware laptops and in-game items given away.

As for the discontinuation, Epic recommends iOS users back up their game data and consider playing the game on other devices. For Android users, the game developer recommends sideloading or installing the app via other platforms.

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