Epic versus Apple lawsuit continues

Epic Games and Apple’s legal battle recently resumed, with both parties meeting in the US Court of Appeals to overturn the initial ruling.

The lawsuit began in 2020 when Fortnite players were given the option for in-app purchases. Apple took offense at this and said that it was a violation of its App Store purchase rules, and promptly pulled the game off the platform. Epic Games countered with an antitrust lawsuit to question App Store rules.

Epic Versus Apple Lawsuit

Epic wanted to bring third-party platforms and app stores for iOS but lost the case. Apple won the suit but had to open a channel for in-app links outside to allow payments. Epic also argued that the legal system made ‘multiple errors’ in its ruling, while Apple remains stubborn in regard to the App Store rules.

The Epic Games v. Apple legal saga is set to begin at the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit on November 14 at 2 pm Pacific.