EU announces iPhone USB-C official deadline

The European Union recently announced an official deadline for Apple to comply with its common charger law.

The organization has set a date to which all smartphone companies should comply with having a USB-C port for charging. The published directive states that Apple and all other mobile manufacturers should have their devices fitted with USB-C by December 28, 2024. The law applies to tablets and similar gadgets as well according to the policy.

iPhone USB-C

Wireless devices that have no ports will not have to add a USB-C port. However, it seems that Apple will have no problems complying, as the company is reportedly planning to have its iPhone 15 come with USB-C charging. Other Apple accessories and products, including its keyboards and AirPods are expected to follow.

The EU approved the law in October this year but did not set an official deadline then. Apple can wait until its iPhone 16 release before transitioning to the said technology.