Apple has submitted five new iPad models to the EEC, or Eurasian Economic Commission today, described as A2230, A2228, A2198, A2197, and A2068. All the devices have iPadOS as their default operating system.

Apple iPad

Furthermore, a rumor that says mass production for a 10.2 inch iPad will be starting this month is circulating the web. The 10.2 inch iPad, tentatively titled ‘iPad 7’, will have thinner bezels and a larger footprint than the 9.7 inch iPad.

The source for this came from the same one that predicted the names of the 2018 iPhone models (iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XS). It’s also the one that gave information about the 2018 iPad Pro’s thickness, the launch of the iPad Air and others.

Production for the new iPad Pro models are expected to start 1st quarter in 2020 or 4th quarter in 2019. EEC filings are a kind of announcement for new Apple products, including the AirPods, Apple Watch, Mac, iPhone, iPad Pro, and the iPad.


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