EV charging details added to CarPlay via ChargePoint

ChargePoint, a charging network company for electric vehicles has recently added new feature to models that have CarPlay. Drivers can now get directions to nearby charging stations, start a session, check a station’s status and look for chargers, among others.

The integration allows EV charging data to cars compatible with CarPlay. The menu has a filter that can list stations based on plug type, availability, cost and charger speed. The app even allows the user to join a waitlist (for full stations) and add to a list of his or her favorite charging hubs.


The new ChargePoint functionality requires iOS 14 and above and the ChargePoint app, which will display the information thru the electric vehicle’s infotainment display.

ChargePoint users can also access information using the widget in the iPhone Today View and the Apple Watch. The widget has the same functionality as the CarPlay integration, including real-time charging status and nearby store locator.