Expand and back up your game library with the WD Black 2TB P10 game drive, now 31% off

Traditional hard drives just won’t cut it when it comes to storing or playing your favorite games on the go. You’ll need a specialized game drive, such as the one Western Digital has for the best experience. Today, the 2TB WD_Black Game Drive is down to just $54.99 from its original price of $80 on Amazon.

The P10 Game Drive is customized for gamers who want to store their library in a reliable medium. The top-tier HDD sports an on-the-go look and works with a variety of consoles, including the Mac, PC, Xbox and Playstation. It boasts a 130 mbps performance and won’t get in the way of your gaming habits.

Black 2TB P10 Game Drive

If you’re not fond of having to transfer games every so often because of HDD quality, this is it. Try the WD_Black P10 Game Drive and you won’t have to worry about losing your game collection or library. Buy it today!