Expand your computer’s connectivity options with this 50% Off 7-in-1 Aukey USB C Hub


How often do you wish you had more USB ports for your accessories, chargers and whatnot? USB C is quickly becoming the port of choice due to better speed, charging and versatility.

Expand Your Computer's Connectivity Options with this 50% Off 7-in-1 Aukey USB C Hub

You can easily expand your computer’s available ports with the Aukey 7-in-1 USB-C Power Delivery Adapter, now only $24.99 from its original price of $49.99 on Amazon. Use the coupon code ‘MDBJQLZC‘ at checkout to buy the versatile hub at $25 off.

7-in-1 Aukey USB C Hub

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The 7-in-1 adapter includes a 4K HDMI port, microSD and SD slots, a USB C port and three USB 3 ports. Power is rated at 100W, which should be enough to keep your iPhone or MacBook fully charged and ready.

It’s portable and is no bigger than a credit card. The material is made of lightweight zinc alloy, ensuring that your hub lasts for a long time.

The 50% off deal may be gone tomorrow, so don’t hesitate and get the Aukey USB 7 in 1 Hub today!


Haider Ali Khan

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