Expand your laptop’s I/O with the Brydge Stone II USB-C Multiport Hub, now 20% Off

The Brydge Stone II is unlike conventional desktop and laptop docks in that it serves an additional function- elevating your MacBook so air flow is optimized. Today, the Brydge Stone II USB-C Dock is down to just $119.99 from its original price of $149.99 on Amazon.

The USB-C Multiport Hub sports seven useful ports for digital audio devices, networks, hard drives and displays. It has an Ethernet, HDMI, three USB A ports and two USB C ports for all your external devices and accessories. It’s compatible with both macOS and Windows and designed to be plug-and-play.

Brydge Stone II USB-C Multiport Desktop Hub

To save space you can tuck it in your MacBook and have air flow through it so you can prolong its lifespan. The hub is only .7 pounds and 6 inches at its longest side, making it ultra-portable.

Getting $30 savings on a useful multidock hub is rare these days, so get your Brydge Stone II USB-C Dock today!