Data storage space is absolutely essential- sooner or later, you’ll need more. For this reason, it always pays to be on the lookout for deals that could save you a few dollars. Case in point- WD Elements 4TB Desktop Hard Drive is now priced at just $89, down 30% from its original price of $129.45.

WD 4TB External Hard Drive

WD 4TB External Hard Drive

Imagine all the files you can unload from your computer, mobile phone or tablet. Those images that you’ve been meaning to back up will finally get a home. Your computer will be able to breathe again or accumulate more data.

The 4TB storage features plug-and-play functionality and uses USB 3.0 ports for faster file transfers. It’s compatible on both Windows and Mac front and comes with a limited 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Deals that include storage drives are rare, and Amazon discounts from reputable brands like WD Elements are even rarer. Don’t think twice and get this deal today.


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