Expand your Wi-Fi coverage with the discounted D-Link Mesh System

Still using that clunky 300mbps Wi-Fi router you’ve had for years? It’s definitely time for an upgrade, especially if you’re tired of losing a signal on the far reaches of your house.

The D-Link Covr Tri Band WiFi Mesh System is now just $159.99, down $100 from its original price of $259.99 on Amazon. Combined, these two D-Link mesh system can cover a distance of 6,000 square feet, which should be enough to eliminate dead zones, buffering and other issues.

D-Link Mesh System

D-Link Covr Tri Band WiFi Mesh System

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Tri Band technology means all the devices you have can now game, play 4K streaming and VR, thanks to the D-Link device’s High Power Amplifier, six antennas and MU MIMO.

Using the D-Link Mesh System is just a matter of plugging it in and using the DLink WiFi app. Smart Roaming gives you the freedom to move around your house in an ‘always connected’ mode.

You may never see a $100 off discount for the D-Link Mesh System again, so go buy it before the promo expires!