Expansion Slot Utility Brought Back in macOS Catalina For Mac Pro


Today, the beta version of macOS Catalina has received an update in the form of the Expansion Slot Utility app, thought to be in line with the launching of the newest Mac Pro.

Expansion Slot Utility

The app is designed to configure and maintain PCI cards, and the Mac Pro touts a total of 8 PCIe expansion slots. The revival signifies that the company is making sure that the PCIe technology will be utilized with the modular Mac Pro.

Beta testers and developers will be able to see the revived app in the macOS Catalina beta version.

The Mac Pro is a new modular computer that’s set to launch this fall. The 2019 model sports a maximum 28 core Xeon processor, up to 1.5 terabytes of RAM, maximum of 2 Radeon Pro Duo graphics cards, the Pro Display XDR and the Lattice design. The modular aspect allows for easy upgradability and swapping out hardware with little to no effort.


Samantha Wiley

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