Experience Better Sleep and Waking Quality with the 23% Off Philips SmartSleep Connected Therapy Lamp

Get the sleep and waking quality you deserve with the Philips light therapy lamp and sunrise alarm clock. It’s smartphone-enabled, which means you can customize how you wake up and sleep with a few taps on your mobile.

Today, the Philips SmartSleeep Therapy Lamp is down to just $169.95 from its original price of $219.99 on Amazon. That’s a 23% discount, or equivalent to $50 in savings!

The smart lamp has an AmbiTrack sensor that measures your room’s humidity, light, noise and temperature and provides recommendations on how you can improve sleep quality. You can also customize sunrise and sunset themes, sound, light and alarm via the SleepMapper app. 

Its wake up light is clinically proven to give you a gentle start. Other bells and whistles include smart touch, AUX speakers, mobile charging and an FM radio.

At just $169.95 the Philips SmartSleep Light Therapy Lamp is a steal. Buy it and enjoy uninterrupted sleep and great mornings!

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