Experience long-lasting music Jams with the JLab Air wireless earbuds, now 40% off

Never get an annoying ‘low battery’ alert when listening to your favorite music ever again with the JLab Air Wireless Earbuds. Today, it’s down to just $59.50 from its original price of $100 on Amazon.

The ANC Wireless Earbuds’ greatest strength is easily its 48 hour playback lifespan- 12 full hours from the earbuds and 36 from the charging case. Also, it caters to those who want to completely block out external noise by having active ANC technology.

JLab’s offering boasts an auto-pause, auto-resume function via infrared sensors, and C3 calling and dual connect lets you wear one bud without affecting the experience or connection. You can even custom tune your earbuds using the JLab Air app, as well as set what the touch controls do.

As with the latest earbuds you get optimized low latency connection via Bluetooth 5. At nearly 40% off, you can get premium earbuds experience for just $59.40. Buy it today!

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