Extend Your Internet Connection Securely with the NETGEAR Wireless Access Point at 61% Off


Is your main router not enough to reach other areas or rooms in your house? You can opt to upgrade it or go with a wireless access point, which is significantly cheaper. Today, the NETGEAR WAC124 WiFi 5 device is down to just $34.99 from its original price of $90 on Amazon.

NETGEAR Wireless

NETGEAR’s WAP offers up to 2,000 mbps speed in wifi 5 technology and can support up to 64 devices. It’s great for your home office or for setting a temporary video conference area, or to fill in the gaps in your home or office. It’s also an ideal device for small businesses and establishments where there are guests and employees.

With the WAC124 you can create up to three separate SSIDs or secure wifi networks in just the blink of an eye. Setup is a snap, and you can connect wired devices via the Ethernet ports.

At 61% off, there’s no better time than now to get the NETGEAR WAC124 Wireless Desktop Access Point!

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