FaceID should be on all Apple products


All the current generation iPhones feature FaceID, the facial recognition tech for unlocking the smartphone. However, all the MacBooks use TouchID, the older technology used on the iPhones to unlock the device, approve payments, and for many other security related tasks.

FaceID should be on all Apple products

Apple products always have been advantageous in one area: they offer congruence across their products. Beginning in 2013, Apple started merging ways in which iOS and macOS could work together to offer the best possible experience to its customers. iCloud has been one another front which has helped bridge the gap between Apple devices.

The next logical move for Apple would be to introduce FaceID across all its products, especially the MacBooks. It would enable seamless transition between the iPhone, the iPad and Mac. It was just last year that Apple released FaceID on the iPad Pro. 

FaceID Everything!

FaceID could potentially make its way onto the MacBook lineup as early as next year. It took Apple three year to release TouchID on the MacBooks and 2020 would mark the third year of FaceID, so if Apple is planning a similar schedule, 2020 could be the “FaceID everything” year.

Apple has many Mac products – the iMac, the MacBook Air, the MacBook Pro 13”, the MacBook Pro 16”, the Mac Mini, and the Mac Pro. Of course, it’s not possible to place FaceID tech on the Mac Mini and Mac Pro as they are just machines with no displays. However, the rest of the devices such as the iMac, the MacBook Air, and the MacBook Pro could take advantage of FaceID.

The FaceID tech uses an infrared sensor, a dot project system, and a flood illuminator to create a 3D map of the user. The data collected from these sensors is never uploaded to Apple’s servers, according to the company and is completely processed locally on the machine (on the iPhones and the iPad Pro).


Abhay Ram

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