FaceID on the iMac Pro?

Abhay Ram
By Abhay Ram  - News Editor
iMac dorsal
iMac dorsal

FaceID is one of the finest features on Apple products right now. Its cool and is kind of gives a futuristic vibe with its glance to unlock technology. However, the feature is not found on all of Apple’s products, whereas it should be.

The iPhone X was released in 2017, the year when FaceID was unveiled and it has come a long way since then. While people initially responded with mixed reactions, it’s worth noting that using FaceID is much more easier than TouchID and people know it by now.

iMac dorsal

Last year, Apple also brought FaceID to the iPad Pro, its flagship tablet. So the question now is when will FaceID makes it way to the Mac? The iMac is one of the most popular desktops in the US and having FaceID on it would be way cool.

FaceID at your service

The iMac, as almost all desktops do, sits on a table in most cases and for scenario purposes, when a user sits in the front, the machine could very well unlock without requiring any action from the user. Also, worth noting is that FaceID is extremely secure compared to other facial recognition technology used by other companies as Apple uses multiple hardware components to make it one of the most secure biometric technologies.

The iMac Pro could very well be the first machine to get FaceID as Apple has focussed on bringing this super important feature to the “Pro” devices first and then to the more mass market devices (the iPhone XR in this case).

The FaceID tech uses a dot projection system, a flood illuminator, and an infrared sensor to generate a 3D map of the user. The data collected from these components is stored on a secure Apple made T2 chip and according to the company, none of the data is ever uploaded to its servers.

By Abhay Ram News Editor
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