Facebook account now needed for Facebook Messenger

Previously, users could get access to Facebook Messenger without needing to sign up or log in to Facebook. Today, the company has removed the ability, which means those who want to use Facebook Messenger will have to sign up for a Facebook account.

In 2015, Facebook added a functionality that allowed people to download and use Messenger sans Facebook username and password for Venezuela, Peru, Canada, and the United States. Names, photos, and phone numbers were acceptable login forms.

Facebook Messenger icon
Facebook Messenger

The reason for the change, Facebook claims is making things simpler. The company says that the majority of Facebook Messenger users are already on Facebook. If you’ve gotten in Messenger before, then there’s no need to create a Facebook account.

The change might also mean that the company is unifying all its messenger apps, including Instagram and WhatsApp, but this won’t happen in 2019, as per Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.