Facebook cloud gaming goes live on Web and iOS

Facebook cloud gaming has finally launched after spending a few months in open beta. iOS users can access the service via the web or in-app, which could violate Apple’s app guidelines.

A specific URL launches the cloud gaming platform. Once opened, users can put it in their home screen for convenience. A dedicated Safari window opens with the gaming web app launched in full screen.

According to Apple’s guidelines Facebook may not advertise the platform in-app nor run games within, as Apple requires all streaming games to be either a web app or part of the App Store.

Vivek Sharma, Facebook VP of gaming mentioned how web apps are the sole solution for iOS cloud game streaming at the moment. Apple’s policy does not allow cloud gaming to exist outside its ecosystem.

Facebook cloud gaming is the latest to arrive in the game streaming niche, alongside Google Stadia, Nvidia GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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