Facebook to Phase Out ‘Classic’ Design in September


Facebook will be retiring its classic web interface come next month, as mentioned in the company’s support page.


It’s only been a year or so since Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced the new look of Facebook.com, and now it seems that the company has decided it will be the default theme on desktop. Opting out was possible since May, with instructions on how to revert to the classic mode given via support pages and on-screen notifications.

The reason for the switch, according to Facebook engineers was for the platform to reflect desktop computing’s role. The FB5, or The New Facebook moved towards privacy-focused communications where ‘the world is private’ according to Zuckerberg in his keynote at F8.

A short while ago there was a pause as the company worked on improving the mobile experience. Now, Facebook will have various new highlights and a more personal social network experience.

The redesign is set to take place September of 2020.

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