Facebook wants Messenger to be ‘Set as Default’ on iOS

Social media giant Facebook wants Apple to make its Messenger app the default for iPhone messages.

In iOS 14 users can now set their default browser and email app other than Safari and Mail. Following these changes, Facebook is now lobbying for the Cupertino-based company to make its Messenger app a default option within the iOS ecosystem.

Stan Chundovsky, Facebook VP has mentioned that they have asked Apple several times to allows its users to choose their default messaging app in iPhone. He guessed that messaging drives Apple hardware sales and are thus unwilling to cede to the changes.

Recently Facebook has been chiding Apple of its restrictions on in-app purchases, ad targeting and gaming apps. Mark Zuckerberg says the App Store is harmful to customers and monopolistic as it ‘blocks innovation and competition’ and ‘charges monopoly rents’.

Facebook recently joined Spotify, Epic Games and Tile in an organization called ‘Coalition for App Fairness’ to show Apple developer issues. 

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