FaceTime extends to Android and PC on iOS 15


iOS 15 was recently announced during the WWDC 2021, and one of its features is allowing non-iOS users to join in on a FaceTime video call.


With the update a FaceTime user can now create a link they can share with other people. People can click on the link to join the FaceTime video call even if they don’t have an iPhone, Mac or iPad. Furthermore, the link opens to a web browser.

The new feature lets non-Apple users join a group or one on one FaceTime call and thus removing its limit to just iOS devices. However, the FaceTime call has to be initiated by someone who has an iOS device.

In general, FaceTime has received a lot of new additions in iOS 15, including Grid View, Voice Isolation, Spatial audio and SharePlay, which lets you share your screen with other people while playing a game, watching a movie or listening to music.

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