FaceTime Eye Contact Fixed in iOS 13 Beta


Apple has fixed eye contact in FaceTime calls using image manipulation.

FaceTime Eye Contact

For the longest time, FaceTime chatting has always felt a little impersonal. This is because users tend to look at their iPhone or iPad’s screen and not the camera while on the video call. The effect is that you’ll see the other person looking downward on your chin or mouth and not straight in the eyes.

Apple has enabled an option in their beta version of iOS 13 called FaceTime Auto Correction. Through image manipulation, the effect is such that it looks like the users are looking at each other on the screen and not the camera.

This feature is only available on the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XS as of the moment. It can be toggled within FaceTime settings and could be a while before it shows up on public beta. Right now it’s unsure if it’s only for devices that have TrueDepth camera technology or if it’s available on all iOS devices.


Samantha Wiley

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