Fake iPhone parts smuggler caught and sentenced

An Orange County man has recently been charged for smuggling counterfeit iPhone and smartphone parts from China. He will spend two years in jail according to federal charges.

The DOJ mentioned that the defendant pleaded guilty on the charges filed against him late 2020, including the conspiracy to defraud the US and bringing in counterfeit goods in the country. The 46 year old man was also charged for bringing in merchandise and conspiring with other people to set up secret shipping channels for shuttling illegal parts to and from China and Hong Kong to the United States.

Fake iPhone Parts

Some of the components were from Apple, Motorola and Samsung and came from Chinese factories and warehouses. The news broke out after US Customs seized a record number of counterfeit AirPods that was being brought into the country.

Laguna Hills’ resident Chan Hung Le was ordered to pay a $250,000 fine. The scheme was said to generate millions of dollars’ worth of revenue.