Fakespot App removed from App Store amid Amazon complaint

An app named Fakespot has been removed from the App Store after Amazon says it inaccurately identifies fake reviews and fraud sellers.

The app is made by a data analytics firm and is said to have AI to check for false reviewers and reviews on popular online marketplaces such as Yelp, Walmart, TripAdvisor and Amazon. On the company website, Fakespot says their aim is to protect consumers from being misled by the fake content.

Fakespot App

Amazon stated that Fakespot provides consumers with misleading information regarding sellers and their products. It harms businesses and sets up potential security risks. Currently, the company is battling incentivized and fake reviews on its e-commerce platform.

Amazon claims they conducted a testing and review of the ratings and found them to be 80% incorrect. The firm also complained about Fakespot offering a ‘secure shopping’ overlay to Amazon’s storefront, which may lead to digital theft.

The fake review identifier app has long since been removed from the App Store. The founder, Saoud Khalifah was sent an email by Apple to inform him of the action.