The Apple Watch Series 4’s ECG functionality has already gained a few accolades. Now, it’s Fall Detection that saves the day. An 87-year old Maine resident got in an auto accident in the town of Kennebunk as she was making her way home. Dotty White mentioned that a woman came suddenly and ran straight into here.

Apple Watch Fall Detection

Dotty was unable to call emergency services, but her Apple Watch was already doing its part. The device recognized a hard fall and began alerting Dotty’s family members and first responders.

The Maine resident suffered some broken bones but was grateful for the Apple Watch Fall Detection feature. Dotty stated that the watch allowed her to see the weather, tell time and get help when she needed it.

Fall Tracking is a feature added to Apple Watch Series 4 via update. By default, it’s disabled for those who are under 65 but can be activated manually for added safety and peace of mind.


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