Fall detection feature saves 85 year old

An elderly Ottawa resident recently gave the Fall Detection feature credit for saving his life.

Fall Detection is a feature in newer Apple Watch models. It activates when it senses the wearer falling down and promptly puts out an alert. If the wearer doesn’t respond in time the smartwatch contacts emergency services for a rescue.

The same thing happened with an 85 year old Ottawa resident, who took a fall that gave him a head wound and knocked him unconscious. The Apple Watch called 911 after a minute, to which a local police communicator responded and assisted. The man’s head wound was bandaged while waiting for paramedics, and his daughter was notified of the accident.

After a trip to the hospital it was ruled that the fall was not life threatening, and he should be able to make a full recovery.

The Apple Watch has been credited for saving lives, including a motorcyclist who was in a hit-and-run and a Michigan woman who had a heart attack.

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