‘Far Out’ Twitter Hashflag launches

Apple has begun promoting its ‘Far Out’ event, with a Twitter hashflag to spread awareness of the event.

The hashflag for the September 7 event is an Apple logo with a dark blue color, and inside are stars that have different colors. The theme and design is in line with the ‘Far Out’ tagline, as well as the invites that were sent out via email.

Twitter Hashflag Launches

The Cupertino-based company has started using hashflags since 2020 to build hype and increase visibility across social media platforms.

Apple made the ‘Far Out’ into an AR element, which can be accessed with an iPhone or iPad. Visiting the AR page allows the user to move the logo around and interact with it. For Mac users, a download is required before they can open it on a supported program.

A YouTube live stream has also been set up as a placeholder for the September 7 event.