FCC Begins Crackdown on International Robocallers and SMS Scams

The FCC has gained new rules that allow them more power in punishing number spoofing and international robocalls. The new regulations are a part of the organization’s efforts to combat malicious spoofing of caller ID, illegal robocalls and similar scams.

Today’s measures are a follow-up to Ray Baum’s Act and Truth in Caller ID Act, which were passed last year and in 2009, respectively. Bans can now be handed out to those who use spoofing on SMS, and actions can now be taken against calls that originate outside the US.

FCC International Robocallers and SMS Scams

Ajit Pai, FCC Chairman says that the new authority obtained from Congress can cover the most recent spoofing methods. Previously, the House of Representatives passed the Stopping Bad Robocalls Act which improved anti-robocalling technology and placed new responsibilities to carriers.

On the iOS 13, there’s a feature that blocked unknown and spam callers via Siri intelligence. Consumers have been plagued by spam and robocalls, and we’re finally seeing efforts to have it addressed.