Final Cut Pro is coming to the iPad Pro


iClarified has reported that Apple is working on bringing Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, and Xcode to the iPad Pro. It is important to note that the report by iClarified is based on the information provided by the famous Apple leakster Jon Prosser.

Final Cut Pro is coming to the iPad Pro

According to iClarified, Jon Prosser initially predicted that Pro tools would be released on the iPad Pro. However, very recently Prosser appears to be confident that the iPad Pro will indeed get the professional grade video editing tool Final Cut Pro.

Prosser has a great track record when it comes to revealing information of upcoming Apple releases. Previously, he suggested the correct release dates for the iPhone SE and various other devices. Other Apple news blogs failed to provide correct information while Prosser always was right.

Another known figure is Bloomberg’s reporter Mark Gurman who is known for usually providing correct information related to Apple products. He said that he does not believe in the rumours of Apple bringing its pro-grade tools to the iPad Pro, during a live stream on Periscope (Twitter).

Jon Prosser


I am now 100% confident that FCPX, Logic Pro & Xcode are coming to iPad Pro.

I cannot confidently say to what capacity, or with what limitations due to RAM management — but it’s happening within the next year or so.

You can choose to trust me on that, or not, I suppose ??‍♂️Face with tears of joy

5:34 PM · Apr 22, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

Final Cut Pro is one of the most sought out video editing tools. It is one of the reasons why Mac is so popular with creatives like YouTubers. Notable people like MKBHD aka Marques Brownlee, Jonathan Morrison, and more use Final Cut Pro for editing their YouTube videos.

If Apple is able to bring Final Cut Pro to the iPad Pro, it will mark a new journey for the iPad.

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