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If you own AirPods and are looking for a case cover to protect them, then this product is perfect for you. The leather AirPods case by ZenPod on the outside may look like a simple old case cover, but it is more than just that. It takes care of trivial things such as fidgeting.

Fidget Spinner AirPods Case

About The Fidget Spinner AirPods Case

It’s premium Nappa leather exterior layering gives it a slim design that easily fits into your pocket but also feels incredible to the touch. The case cover also implements a frame that’s made of impact resistant polycarbonate that makes sure your AirPods are protected at all costs. Therefore, this AirPods case is not only simple-looking, but also long-lasting.

The brushed & anodized aluminum fidget spinning case cover also takes into account for AirPods 2 wireless charging. So if you own an AirPods 2, you can be assured that wireless charging is no issue with this case cover.

The company to create the product, Air Vinyl has made to sure to make it compatible with all AirPod models, including wireless charging cases.

Coming in 2 different leather colors, brown and black, allows you to select whatever aesthetic design suits your style.

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