Square Enix has officially launched the Final Fantasy VIII Remastered on iOS, which means users can now play the game on their iPads and iPhones.


FF8 was created in 1999 and sold 9.6 million-plus copies globally. The remaster improves upon the original with enhanced CG and other gameplay and quality of life improvements.

As part of the game launch Square is offering FF8 Remastered for a discounted price until April 4. The app price is $16.99 but will become $20.99 once the promotion ends. FF8 tells the story of an elite mercenary named Squall and a resistance fighter named Rinoa and their fight to end the tyranny of the Galbadia empire.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is now live on the iPad and iPhone App Store. The game requires at least iPadOS 13 and iOS 13 and 2.55 of storage space. It’s a one-time purchase without in-app additions or microtransactions.


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