Final Tech Antitrust Report Expected by 2020

The Judiciary Committee of US House of Representatives will be delivering its final report on antitrust breaches by 2020. The investigation covers big name companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon.

Representative chair of the antitrust panel David Cicilline said they will have the report on the ‘first part’ of 2020 in a hearing. Cicilline hopes that evidence collection will be concluded this year for the final report to be feasible instead of recommendations for next year.

Final Tech Antitrust Report Expected by 2020 1

The Judiciary Committee confirmed receipt of initial submission documents regarding the antitrust probe of companies Alphabet, Facebook, Apple and Amazon. Each firm was instructed to divulge data in connection with various anti-competition issues.

In the last hearing, FTC commissioner Rohit Chopra stated that tech firms can use consumer data gained through free services to get an advantage over its competitors. Chopra added that new penalties for illegal activities should be drawn because financial sanctions won’t be enough.