Financial App Mint now supports Apple Card

Popular budget tracking app Mint now allows users to enter their Apple Cards to collect transaction data.

User can log their Apple Cards in ‘Add Accounts’, then choose Apple Card and enter their Apple ID credentials. After successful authorization, purchases made on the payment platform will be automatically added to their Mint app.

Apple Card

Budget trackers require the user to log in for each card they wish to enter, and Mint is no different. Apple says that Mint users will need to log in with their credentials after 90 days have passed to continue collecting information. Apple Card users can opt out even without having the Mint app, which can be done by going to the Apple website and revoking access.

Before the integration, Apple Card users needed to export statements manually and putting them in the Mint app. However, all it takes is a simple login and authorization to check the transactions in the Mint app.