Find My App gets iOS 15 enhancements

The Find My app is getting noteworthy additions, all in all making it easy to track your AirTags and Apple devices.

iOS 15 will be enhancing the Find My network to allow users to still keep track of their devices even if its turned off or erased, which can be useful if the device has a low battery, has been disabled or stolen.

Find My App

Furthermore, Apple has paired the Find My network with Activation Lock in order to find devices that have been erased. This makes it so that wiped devices will not have disabled tracking and allow owners to find their lost or stolen Apple products.

The Cupertino-based company has added a notification in the Hello screen to show if the device is locatable, locked or owned by another person. This feature activates if the device still has the previous owner’s Apple ID logged in.

iOS 15 is set to launch a few days from now.