Find My Friends helps a North Carolina mom find her daughter

Catrina Alexander, a North Carolina mom attributes Apple’s Find My Friends feature in locating her daughter.

According to the story told through an interview with WFMY, Catrina started to worry when her daughter, Macy missed her curfew and was not responding to calls and text. The NC-based mother then discovered that her daughter’s GPS position in Find My Friends haven’t changed. She then went out and searched on the location provided.

Catrina saw tire tracks veering off the road as she approached. As it turned out, Macy’s car had hydroplaned, fell 25 feet into an embankment and pinned her down.

She then called 911, and EMS was able to remove the 17-yr old from the car and to the nearest hospital.

Macy and Catrina are grateful for features like Find My Friends and hopes that kids and parents alike can realize the benefits that technology can bring. Macy shared that what happened to her and how she survived was a miracle.

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