Firefox 70 Adds Social Tracking Protection

Firefox 70 is released today for the macOS, bringing with it performance gains and social tracking protection.

In the previous versions we see a few extensions to the browser’s ETP, or Enhanced Tracking Protection system, and now Mozilla has added the social tracking protection, a feature that blocks tracking cookies from popular social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Mozilla has also added improvements on the core engine components, which gives the browser a noticeable boost in performance aspects, notably faster page loading, reduced resource consumption for video and a drop in overall power consumption.


There’s also the Privacy Protection report and Lockwise, a password and digital identity management tool. Firefox users can now update to v.70 by going to the ‘About’ section or by allowing the browser to auto-update. Make sure to restart Firefox in order to see the new features.

Mozilla Firefox is a browser that can be downloaded for free on the official Mozilla website.

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