Apple has released a new firmware update for its AirPods Max, one that fixes battery issues experienced by a few owners.


The new update name is 3C39 and replaces 3C16, which was the firmware number when AirPods Max was first launched. There’s no release notes on what the firmware does, only that it’s applied to all AirPods Max units.

The update installs itself without any need to go to the Settings or via an app. However, there’s a way to see if you’ve already gotten the new version by going to Settings and checking it on the Bluetooth menu.

Some reports of battery drain were reported while the AirPods Max is in idle mode. Users will need to test the new firmware out to see what changes have been implemented into the high-end audio device.

Apple is not known to provide release notes for firmware updates unless they address critical functionalities or vulnerabilities.


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