Firmware updates of 2nd Gen AirPods now available on Apple Stores


Apple Stores recently received new diagnostic tools for updating its customers’ AirPods Pro firmware as necessary. Now, the tool has received notable upgrades so it can update second-generation AirPods as well.


Apple announced the feature in an internal memo to employees, saying that the tool can now accommodate firmware updates for two models- the AirPods Pro and the 2nd generation AirPods. The AirPods Max and third-gen AirPods however, are still incompatible.

Technicians can now access the Apple Service Toolkit 2 in order to bring a customer’s AirPods’ firmware up to date. This can resolve issues such as users having a non-iOS smartphone or if the right or left AirPod has failed to update.

The diagnostic tool is intended for Apple Store and Authorized Service Provider employee use only and is not available in third party repair centers. Users are advised to initiate firmware updates by having their AirPods connected to an iPad or iPhone and putting the AirPods in the case and charging.

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